Winter Time

Winter Time

    So as we say, we will never know the precious value of something if it had gone. Yes, definitely I am missing winter time.I love to drive and as much as possible not alone. Also every time I want to buy something in the main city. I have to take this road. Yes, I live in the country with so much beauty to view. The rare things about nature are just right out here in Niigata, Japan and I always love to drive when it is almost at dawn to watch the sunset. I know the risky part when driving,but I had the urge to take this picture. I had to stop my car. The snow stayed right there to say good-bye to us the moment; I took the photo, and half of spring had been with us now. I felt sad because I miss stomping my feet on the snow only to listen to the crunchy sound, to feel and embrace the coldness. It will take seven months to wait to see myself in that situation many times. Nevertheless, I see the green leafy mountain again, the heat with a bit coolness at night, and soon the rainy season will fast approach us. It will be another humid day for me. So endurance is a must!

Oh by the way~~~ It is nice to be back.
M. ”(>‿◠)✌ ♥


Something Hot

kimchimen1It doesn’t snow much today, but I walked  to embrace the coldness once again. The company where I work  is located close-by. I was home a few hours ago, and feeling cold. So, who would not want to make oneself warm again in a very chilly evening. Of course, I want to, even so; I was warmed  fairly by doing one of the best exercises(walking), and been popular over many years here in Japan. However, I am sure everyone knows what kimchi is, I had a few homemade. I have a  pork spare ribs in the fridge and put it in a casserole to a boil to make it softer. Once it has gotten soft, I put all the ingredients( tofu, scallion, kimchi, and pork meat)  in a Japanese clay pot, and simmered it. I add  the egg noodle (ramen) , and season it with a little salt, and “hon tsuyu”. Thanks to my homemade kimchi  because it added more delicious flavor. I am satisfied, and  will recommend this cooking to those who liked spicy foods. I give a one thumb-up for  my own ” KIMCHIMEN.”
ごちそうさまでした!(gochisousama deshita)“Thank you and I had good meal”. I am done with my hot bath, and ready to watch my Tuesday Japanese TV drama.

Good night and sweet dreams you all.


Coming-of-Age Day

seijin no hi1

In some area in Japan(due to a weather condition) they have celebrated the coming of age today. They called it “Seijin no hi.” All young people who turn twenty years old this year are dressed up for this special day. Some walk in front of a shrine,or even had they picture taken six months before this day come. Twenty are the age considered as the beginning of adulthood. It is also the minimum legal age for voting, drinking,and smoking. One of the beauties in this country is the way how these women wear their traditional “Kimono”,and men on their “Hakamas” and some wears their black formal suit.

 Most young daughters have gotten their own “Kimono,” and was given by their grandparents. Some of them were rented, and more than 200,000 en. Parents or elders bought this expensive clothe wears because for them; it is a once in a lifetime.

成人の日, Seijin no Hi, is a national holiday held annually on the second Monday of January, and in other location with a different date, but always held on Sunday. I have a daughter, and she will celebrate hers on the first week of May. It`s quite late because of the heavy snow in our location, they have to move the date until everything around here have gotten clear.

おめでとうございます。Congratulations to the New Generation, and the Pride and Wealth being the youth,of this country, Japan, and may we have a blessed day.

M. ”(>‿◠)✌ ♥


On a plane

It seems like the old year has gone through, but I could still feel the ambiance of those past experienced years. I can smell the aroma of that brewed coffee that we both shared. It was the moments in the park where the cherry flower blossomed into a bright day. The photograph was taken by you and I,with laughter, and hesitation. The smile on my face when I thanked God for a beautiful time that HE  gave to me completely. Yes, I could still recall it, remember everything, and will go on reminiscing the old good years, days, and time.
However, I am in 2015 now; I should have to push the button once again, and just re-start.

May we all have a wonderful weekend.
M. ”(>‿◠)✌ ♥